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PS04 philips επεξεργαστής-18,5mm

SKU: PS04 philips επεξεργαστής-18,5mm
Aποσπώμενοι αισθητήρες παρκαρίσματος με 18.5mm

55,00 €

Κεντρική μονάδα, με επεξεργαστή Philips . Τέσσερις (4) αισθητήρες με  ηχητική ειδοποίηση. Απόσταση ανίχνευσης από 1.80m μέχρι 0.30m

Το σύστημα καλύπτεται με εγγύηση δυο ετών.



This is a basic visible parking sensor kit.  System include:
Control box for sensors
Ultrasonic sensors x 4 pieces
Rear-view camera
Detecting rear obstruction distance by those 4 sensors installed on rear bumpers.
Capture rear image by the camera installed on rear bumper.

Mix the rear image and distance status together to a video output.  User can connect this video signal to existing car DVD/VCD or GPRS monitor.


External connected display
Video output w/mixed video and distance status.
10-stage simulate obstruction distance display
3-stage “BiBi” alarm sound
(Option: voice alarm available PS-04-04V)
2, 3 or 4 sensors are available

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage: 12V DC or 24V DC
Operating voltage range: 10.5~16V (15~27V)
Rated current: 20mA ~ 150mA
Distance detection: 0.2 ~ 1.5M
Ultrasonic frequency: 40MHz
Working temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C