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CR 20

SKU: CR 20
Εκτός Διαθεσιμότητας

360,00 €

CR 20
Ready to go Ported Bass-Reflex Enclosure with built-in 360 W amplifier
Easy solution to add bass to a factory system
Special 20 cm (8’’) subwoofer driver
Frequency response: 40 hz-150hz
Maximum power 360 W / Nominal power 180 W
Compatible with OEM head units
High-level inputs with auto-turn on
RCA low-level inputs (5V compatible)
Adjustable low pass (45 Hz -150 Hz)
Bass boost (50Hz) adjustable up to 12dB
Phase setting 0/180°
External remote level control (5m cables)
Great bass in a tight space!
To completely enjoy quality music in the automotive environment, a subwoofer becomes a necessary component; enhancing warmth and adding punch to the conventional speaker system.
This subwoofer is designed to be fitted into a very compact enclosure, easily integrated into the vehicle.

Combined this with our RA 301D amplifier, this subwoofer creates a powerful, dynamic and enjoyable listening experience.