RC04 Camera

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Rear View Camera 12V


Color: Black

360degree view angle adjustable

TV system: PAL 

Horizontal Resolution: 720 TV lines

Pixels: 656(H) * 492(V)

Lens: 18.5mm

View Angle: 170 degree

Sync. System: internal

S/N Ratio: >48dB

Electronic Shutter: 1/60 to 1/100,000 seconds

Video Output: 1.0Vpp, 75Ohm

White Balance: Auto

Power: DC 12V

Operating Temperature: -40 to + 80C, 95% RH maximum

Storage Temperature: -40 to + 105C, 95% RH maximum

Water-proof: IP66

Video Cable Length: about 6m

Camera size: 3.2 * 3 * 2.5cm

Camera Weight: 75g

Package size: 11.5 * 8 * 6cm

Package weight: 236g


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