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Rock Two Marine Subwoofers

The WET500.1 is a mono block subwoofer amplifier with an incredibly small chassis. This amp is capable of producing up to 500W RMS and features 2Ω stability, making it the perfect choice to run two of the WET series subwoofers.

Marine Hardened

The unit features a highly efficient class D design and small chassis with an extruded heat sink that effectively dissipates heat ensuring long play times. It also incorporates a surface mount design, which attaches critical parts more securely to the circuit board creating greater resistance to vibration which is very important in boat and off-road applicaitons. This amplifier features a conformal coated circuit board making it resistant to moisture that may get into the the chassis. Other features include stainless steel hardware, rubber gaskets around interconnects, and plastic covers that cover the controls preventing moisture from getting into the amplifier.

Small Chassis  
Conformal Coated Circuit Board  
Surface Mount Technology  
Variable Butterworth Crossover 12dB/Oct  
Stainless Steel Hardware  
Rubber Gaskets Around RCA Connectors  
Plastic Cover Over Control Adjustments  
Thermal, DC Offset, and Short Circuit Protection Circuitry  
Weather Resistant in Accordance with IP55 Rating  
Tech Specs
Description Mono Block
Total Peak Power 1000W x 1 Channel
2Ω RMS Power Output 500W x 1 Channel
4Ω RMS Power Output 300W x 1 Channel
Signal to Noise Ratio 80dB
Topology Class D
THD <1%
Low Pass Filter Variable Low @ 40Hz to 220Hz 12dB/Oct
Bass Boost 0 6 12dB Switchable
Max Sensitivity 200mV
Maximum Input Signal 5V
Height 2-1/4"
Width 8-15/16"
Depth 6-3/8"
Support Files
Owners Manual MTX004714B WET Series Owners Manual (32 pages) View |  Download
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