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SKU: 4-800220

FOUR Connect STAGE2 wiring kit 20mm2 OFC

Simply the best powerkit in its price class! Power and ground cables are 100% oxygen free copper. Insulation is made of siliconbased rubber that does not brittle even in cold climate. Connectors are Rhodium plated and ring terminals are installed to cables to ease your installation. FOUR Connect high quality fuseholder is waterproof. STAGE2 RCA-cable trasnfers signal realiably and has very good contact. This RCA got excellent ratings in AutoSound-magazine RCA-cable test.
- 5,2metriä 20mm2 OFC power cable
- 0,8metriä 20mm2 OFC ground cable
- 5,5 metriä triple shielded RCA cable
- MiniANL fuse 80A
- waterproof MiniANL fuseholder
- 2 x ring terminal
- 2 x fork terminal

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